Getting business owners to a better place.

Most business owners have encountered financial or credit challenges. In these times, their past or present credit circumstance can be a barrier to acquiring the revenue producing equipment they need to turn things around.

Higher risk lenders, while getting the deal done, are often not very concerned with improving the customer’s long term credit position. But we think, with a little work, we can help them get to a better place…rewarding them for their efforts.

Bravo Capital: Your Transitional Funder

Transitional Funding is simply a philosophy of rewarding customers for their performance. In practical terms, this means Bravo will extend a lower cost of funds to your customer on subsequent equipment financing based on their good performance.

We will also report positive pay histories, provide credible references and offer guidance for business and personnel decisions. In other words, Bravo is on the customer’s side to truly help them improve credit standing and succeed. Transitional funding turns more challenging deals from a headache to long-term, profitable and loyal customers for dealers.


  • Funding range: $20,000-$500,000
  • 24-84 month term
  • New or used equipment
  • Competitive rates
  • Most industries
  • Most asset types


  • 12 months time in business
  • Revenues over $500,000 preferred
  • At least five regular employees


  • Submit application to Bravo
  • Bravo sets up a brief phone introduction with your customer
  • Bravo helps the customer gather pertinent financial data
  • Bravo reviews information and makes credit determination
  • Bravo calls you (before the customer) to discuss options