Bridge Repair

By September 20, 2015 Success Stories

The Company:

An Oregon-based, third generation construction company specializing in restoration/repairs of bridges.  For 2014, the company had $2.7M in gross revenue with a $53K net loss.

The Challenge:

Rental costs can be high and the company found themselves renting welding equipment they would like to own. They lost money in 2014, the Balance Sheet was leveraged and collateral for the deal was not strong.

The Solution:

The loss was attributed to inclement weather in Q414, their offering a highly specialized service, the leverage was for equipment to fulfill back-log of multi-million dollar contracts. All of these factors allowed the Bravo team to offer a solution that worked. A 24 month deal for more than $50,000 in generators and welding equipment and a 10% security deposit got them out of expensive rentals.  The story…the people…made the difference.